International Center


Supporting various aspects of international student life, from the application process to adjusting to life in the exchange country or in Japan, the International Center provides a variety of services in close consultation with the Offices of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

Detailed information on scholarships and financial aid is available through the Center, which also provides assistance with housing and serves as a base for international students during their time at Gakushuin Women's College.

While offering such practical services to international students, the International Center also organizes a number of cultural activities, trips, and parties throughout the year, including trips to onsen (hot springs), kabuki, and welcoming parties for new students, in an effort to promote a sense of community among the students and encourage the building of friendships not only with each other, but with the larger student body as well. 

Telephone number +81-(0)3-3203-7203
Facsimile number +81-(0)3-3203-7207

Office hour

  Weekdays Saturday
Academic Office 8:40~16:45 8:40~12:30
Department Offices 8:40~16:45 8:40~12:30
Language Education Center 8:40~16:45 Closed
International Center 8:40~16:45 8:40~12:30
School Infirmary 8:40~16:45 8:40~12:30
Counseling Room(C.A.T.ROOM) 10:00~17:00 Closed

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