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A Forum for Exploring Global Perspectives and Diversity

Ongoing globalization has required us to adopt a global perspective whenever we consider problems in our own country and abroad. To take such a global approach, we need to have a fair understanding of different cultures, cross-cultural relations and interculture exchange, as well as profound insight into the wisdom of humanity.

Gakushuin Women's College has the Faculty of Intercultural Studies, which is made up of the Department of Japanese Studies, the Department of Intercultural Communication and the Department of English Communication. While each department offers specialized classes, the academic goal shared by the three departments is to develop well-rounded educated individuals with a global perspective, who are capable of contributing to the international society through cultural exchange and mutual understanding. To this end, a wide range of subjects and multitiered language programs essential for international exchange are offered to all students regardless of their affiliation.

For example, in subjects aimed at developing global perspectives, students are provided with classes in many fields such as international relations, business administration, and the environment, as well as in various formats, including those conducted by guest lecturers who are well-versed in their respective fields. To raise students' awareness of different cultures, our college offers subjects on cultural diversity, cross-cultural understanding and cultural exchange, including those on Japanese culture, such as kodo (incense appreciation) and yusoku-kojitsu (traditional court rules of ceremony and etiquette), which are rarely offered at other universities. As to language learning, programs aimed at developing practical English skills are offered along with courses in many foreign languages. Our college offers various short- and long-term overseas study programs. Our college has over 20 overseas partner universities, which is a considerably large number given the scale of our school.

In the graduate program, students apply the knowledge from their undergraduate learning to engage in their studies in more depth in the fields of Arts Management; International Cooperation; Japanese Studies and Comparative Culture; and International Relations and Area Studies.

Through our curriculum designed to help students foster global perspectives and better understand cultural diversity, students will develop abilities and skills to be resilient in unpredictable times and to cooperate in building a new society.

Toshiyuki Omomo

President of Gakushuin Women's College

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