The Graduate School of International Cultural Relations

The Graduate School of International Cultural Relations


This innovative Master of Arts program was designed to provide students with expertise and practical abilities in the fields of Arts Management and International Cooperation, along with a research-oriented track in Comparative Culture and International Relations. The curriculum reflects our belief that students need practical experience in their field as well as academic preparation. Students select classes to create the balance that best suits their goals.

➣Ten students are accepted by examination per year. ( September, February).
➣Two years of coursework (30 credits) and the completion of either a Master's Thesis or a Master's Research Project are required for the degree.

Arts Management Track

The Arts Management track is a set of courses leading to the acquisition of the specialized knowledge and skills needed to plan, produce and manage activities relating to the creation and diffusion of art and culture. Our faculty's strengths are in Japanese and Western art, performance arts, thought, and history, as well as Japanese costume and literature. Fieldwork and projects will give students hands-on experience organizing and putting on exhibitions and performances.

International Cooperation Track

In addition to foreign language ability, specialized knowledge, and the ability to propose, carry out, analyze and evaluate projects, those working in the field of international cooperation will also be required to consider and make creative adjustments to the local cultural and value systems and natural environment, and to have an understanding of international relations. The courses in this track provide such training and expertise for those interested in economic and development cooperation, cooperation in the preservation of cultural materials, or work with international organizations.

Comparative Culture and International Relations Research Track

We recommend this track to students who wish to concentrate on academic research in topics relating to culture, history, the arts, media, environment, finance, marketing or international relations.

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