Resources and Facilities

Resources and Facilities


Gakushuin Women`s College is located in the lively bustling metropolis of Tokyo, one of the largest urban agglomerations and safest cities in the world. Life in Tokyo will offer vast excitements which could not be found elsewhere. From museums to concert halls, shrines to temples, Tokyo is said to be the melting pot of both modern and traditional culture of Japan. Strolling down streets of Asakusa will enlighten visitors with sights and sound of "old Tokyo", but within several miles away, one of the world`s tallest tower Skytree, an art piece filled with latest technologies of Japan, stand tall in the city of Oshiage. Although Gakushuin Women`s College campus is located close proximate to Shinjyuku and Ikebukuro areas, within the campus offers students peaceful oasis surrounded by nature. Adorned by an iron gate dating back to 1877, the main entrance opens onto a path lined by cherry blossom trees that form a spectacular archway of bolossoms every spring. Gakushuin Women`s College is sure to offer all the advantages of an urban campus, providing an ideal setting for the pursuit of higher learning.

Administrative Offices

Home to the administrative offices of Gakushuin Women's College, Yamaji Fumiko Hall also contains the International Center, the Language Education Center, classrooms, LL classrooms, and an audio-visual hall.

Language Education Center


Created for the purpose of furthering language education, the Language Education Center offers a variety of language classes throughout the year.



A recipient of the Japan Library Association Architectural Award, library of Gakushuin Women's College houses a collection of 210,000 volumes and 2,900 journals. Equipped with video viewing booths and a computer room, it also has a glassed-in lounge for meetings or conversation.


Containing the cafeteria, tea room, lounge, and student lockers, this multi-purpose student center serves as a hub of student life. Meeting rooms, Japanese-style rooms and a dance studio are located on the third floor, bringing students together for various extra-curricular activities. 

Health Services

Addressing the health concerns of students, the health center is staffed by registered nurses able to provide aid for medical problems occurring on campus. An annual medical check-up for students, medical consultation, and referral to specialists is also offered through the health center. In conjunction with the center, the C.A.T. (Come and Talk) counseling room provides counseling services to meet the emotional needs and concerns of students.

Extracurricular Activities

Realizing that education takes place not only within the classroom but without as well, Gakushuin Women's College offers much in the way of extracurricular activities for its students. From sports to art, music, and volunteer groups, the College has over thirty clubs. Students also have the option of joining the extracurricular activities offered through Gakushuin University.

College Festivals


Two of the most popular events on campus are the Miyabi Festival, held in April, and the Yawaragi College Festival, which takes place in October. Bringing together students, faculty, and members of the community, these two festivals feature traditional cultural events, concerts, art exhibits, and presentations by the various extracurricular clubs.

Connecting to W-Fi

The College's free Wi-Fi service (Eduroam) is available across all of our campus.

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